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Case Study: 2 Kings 19

Verse 1:

The King of Assyria threatened Hezekiah, the King of Judah and he was going to destroy him. Hezekiah on hearing the news, tore his garment and wept to the Lord God almighty.

  • What is that situation that has made you very sad?
  • What is that situation that is threatening to take your life?
  • What is that situation that wants to reduce you to nothing?
  • As long as the God of Hezekiah lives, you will laugh last over that situation.

Prayer point:

God of Hezekiah, I cry to you today just as Hezekiah cried out to you. Please rend the heavens and send me a miracle.

Verse 5 and 6:

The servants of Hezekiah went to report the case to Isaiah and Isaiah said to them ‘Say to your Master, Fear not’

Prayer point:

I shall not fear; I will rather move on to Victory. God has not given me the spirit of fear but the Spirit of power, love and a sound mind.

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